If you have a broken iPhone, your first impulse would probably be to take it down to the local iPhone repair shop that claims to specialize in iPhone repairs. But should you? If your iPhone isn't insured and your phone provider won't send you a replacement, sending or taking your iPhone to a place that specializes in iPhone repairs may be your best option, unless of course you're insanely wealthy and can afford to buy new iPhone all the time.

Although iPhones are great phones in that they have an incredible amount of useful features, weigh very little, and look great sitting next to your latte when you're checking out the scene at the local coffee shop, they're also prone to damage, just like everything else. All iPhones are covered by a one year warranty, and if your iPhone gets broken within that time, you can simply contact the iPhone repairs department of the Apple Support team and ask them to fix or replace it. Most of the time, the people over at Apple Support will be able to fix or replace your iPhone. However, if your iPhone is broken because of water damage, or if the support people were able to determine that your iPhone falls under Out Of Warranty Repair, the factory warranty will not cover your iPhone and you'll have to pay Apple to get it fixed. The people at Apple Support are specifically trained to handle iPhone repairs of any kind. However, getting your iPhone fixed by Apple Support can be very, very expensive. Luckily, you can find cell phone experts trained in doing iPhone repairs and who have had experience fixing everything from a broken LCD screen to a waterlogged unit, simply by searching online.

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