iPhone Repair

iPhone repair services are vital for resolving a range of issues that can occur with these devices. From fixing cracked screens and faulty cameras to addressing weak batteries, professional technicians possess the necessary expertise to diagnose and repair hardware problems effectively. They utilize specialized tools and knowledge to replace damaged components, ensuring a seamless user experience. Prompt and reliable iPhone repair services help users extend the lifespan of their devices, allowing them to continue enjoying the full functionality of their iPhones without interruption.

iPhone Repair Services

Screen Repairs

Battery Repairs

Earpiece Repairs

Microphone Repairs

Speaker Repairs

Camera Repairs

Power Button Repairs

Charging Repairs

Motherboard Repairs

Home Button Repairs

Insurance Reports

Liquid Damage Repairs

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00

Our Location

Shop 4 / 89 John Street
Salisbury SA 5108

What kind of replacement screens do you use?

We use high quality aftermarket screens and refurbished screens across our iPhone repairs.

What warranty do you give on iPhone repairs?

We offer 12 months warranty on most repairs and act in accordance with Australian Consumer Law

Do I need to make an Appointment?

No you don't, we accept walk-ins but always encourage you to contact us first to check if we have parts available for your iPhone Repair.

​How long will my iPhone screen repair take?

Most iPhone screen repairs are completed in less than 1 hour but other phone repairs may take longer.


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