Insurance Reports

If you have accidentally damaged either your computer, tablet or smartphone and you have lodged an insurance claim for the item(s), your insurance company might have asked you for a damage assessment report.

Your insurance company requires certain information to put your claim forward in relation to your device(s) and we know exactly what information they need so that you have no hassle getting the claim processed and your device repaired/replaced in a timely manner.
If your insurance company has requested a damage assessment/insurance report for a damaged iPhone/iPad, computer or laptop, simply bring the devices in question in to us, with the claim number (if applicable) and we will write up a 1-2 page report outlining what has gone wrong with the device(s) and whether or not they can be repaired. The insurance reports are normally completed on the same business day.

The cost for the insurance reports is $80 including GST. This is normally reimbursed by your insurance company. If you are not sure whether your insurance company will reimburse you, please call to confirm prior to bringing the device(s) to us.

Data recovery is not normally covered by insurance, however in some cases we are able to recover data (for a fee) from devices that are not economically repairable. If you do require data from the device, just let us know when you drop the device(s) off.

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