When you visit our workshop or call you speak directly to a technician not a hum on the phone that knows less than you do and struggles to communicate. We do not perform jobs we cannot do properly, so if we feel we are not the best fit for a job we will encourage you to find someone else. Our goal is to provide you with a professional service so don't mistake this as a lack of desire to help.
We never misrepresent what we are doing, such as connecting in that lose phone screen cable and charging you for a screen replacement. Our workshop is set up uniquely – most of the repairs happen where you can see what we do as we are working on devices. Not hidden away in a back room being performed by someone else.
Mobile Tablet & Computer Tech believes in a supply chain far beyond the basic purchasing common to most repair shops. We believe in stocking parts and nurturing our supply chain. Parts are acquired direct from our trusted vendors, not from middlemen sellers that source the most cut-rate parts possible.

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